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Revealing the Father Heart of God

Marriage Restoration

After 13 years of marriage, we found ourselves broken, dealing with the aftermath of an affair, and facing divorce. We had always said divorce wasn’t an option so we sought counseling. We didn’t want traditional counsel, we wanted spirit led and spirit filled counseling. What we needed was an intervention from the Lord to save our marriage, and we knew Julian was the person to help us. Julian is full of love, humility, and a true vessel of the Lord. He listened not only to what we were saying, but also what wasn’t being said. He listened to the Holy Spirit. Julian helped us get to the root cause, separate the flesh from the spirit, and begin the journey to healing and reconciliation. He helped us hold true to our covenant. While the journey wasn’t easy, it was worth it. It’s been seven years and God has redeemed and restored our marriage to better than before, and we are eternally grateful for Julian’s willingness to be a part of our journey.

MG & JG – North Carolina



This morning's message was so good, I could probably throw out a dozen or more one liners to post. However, for now, I'll say this instead:

There are a lot of things I appreciate about Pastor Julian and how God has used him to change my life from the inside out. But what do I appreciate the most about him? That's easy. His heart. He's the person I respect the most, yet I can confide in him with my worst. And through ANY of the things I've ever told him, I've never had to feel shame or condemnation. Every single time, he calmly reminds me that I'm okay, he reassures me that I'm not broken or damaged, and then he draws out my best and pushes me to grow to the next level. That's more priceless to me than any of his one liners could ever be.

AT - North Carolina


Pastor Julian came to our church and presented a prayer school session. It was spirit filled and many people were delivered and set free. He is a mighty man of God and we thank God for his ministry.

Shelbia Wiley
HOPE Church
Myrtle Beach, SC